Summer and fall Camps

“Train like a pro” camps.

This is a 5-day a week camp where athletes come to Boogie Mountain in Espanola Ontario. Athletes come for one or more sessions. This year we had athletes coming to these camps for several weeks at a time. “Train Like a pro” camps allows athletes to experience what it takes to train like their idols. The athlete will dedicate themselves to their sport in every way. This is not just for skiers and snowboarders. Athletes from all sports will benefit.

Physical training consists of parkour, swimming, running, biking, gymnastics, and trampoline balanced with good nutrition, mental training , and proper rest give an athlete a good idea what it takes and the sacrifices and discipline they need to become successful.


Jumping and freestyle summer camps

We offer programs ranging from 2 hours at a time to full summer. Athletes can jump using our dry slope into airbags with or without coaching. We offer the ramps and airbags to other teams to come train.

Next year we will be having a section of rails on dry slope and trampolines.



Tom Hutchinson


phone: 819-217-9351