Fall And Winter After School Program


This program is designed in the fall to be 2 days a week with one day being focused on physical fitness and the other day jumping in the airbag. The days would be Monday and Thursday from 4-6pm. In the winter, the athlete can come 2 days a week, on snow, right after school. They have the choice of picking what 2 days they will come from Monday-Thursday, from 4-6pm. This program is for 5 months starting in October.

It does not matter if the athlete is a skier or snowboarder. We are in the business of building not just quality athletes but quality people. Our company’s values are Respect, passionate, dedication, hardworking and fun. We instill this on every athlete we work with.


The coaches

Claudia is an inspiration to anyone. She learned how to snowboard when she was 28 years old and how to ski when she was …older. She has won the USASA Nationals and is so passionate about these sports. She also was the German Karate champion for 5 years.

Tom has over 30 years of coaching experience. He has coached the national freestyle Snowboard team for nearly 10 years and at 3 Olympics. He has coached lots of skiers too.


The cost

The cost of this program is $150/month for 5 months.



Claudia@HutchAcademy.com or call 819-217-9350