Adult Program


Every Wednesday night we will have an adult only program in the park at Boogie Mountain. This is a great time to come true some things you have always wanted to do but never really had the guidance or safe environment to do so.

Come learn how to do rails and jumps without the pressure of your kids or other kids watching. Using safety measures to make sure you are not to sore the next day at work.

Every thing will be progression based. We will have two groups. Advanced and not so advanced. Things that we will focus on.

Jumping: Starting on the basics. Using small jumps and progressing to larger, when ready. When you are ready to move on we will go to slightly larger. We will use the airbag to build confidence.

Rails – Rails are something most people have thought about hitting but have second-guessed their skills. We have spotting rigs that will make it safe and you will build confidence quickly. You would start by learning how to ride boxes and progress at your own pace.

After the session we would do a short video session of what you did during the session.

This is a great stocking stuffer for your spouse. From the person who would like to re-live their glory days, to the mom or dad that wants to show their kid up, to the person that just wants to try.


The coaches

Claudia is an inspiration to anyone. She learned how to snowboard when she was 28 years old and how to ski when she was…..older. She has won the USASA Nationals and is so passionate about these sports. She also was the German Karate champion for 5 years.

Tom has over 30 years of coaching experience. He has coached the national freestyle Snowboard team for nearly 10 years and at 3 Olympics. He has coached lots of skiers too.


This program is designed with the SFL formula. Safety, Fun, and Learning


The cost

The cost is $30 for a two-hour session. Or you can by a package of 5 sessions for $130.



1. talk to Claudia and reserve your spot!

Hutch Academy Director:

Claudia Hutchinson

phone: 819-217-9350


2. pay by email transfer to

3. download registration form here

4. download waiver here

Please bring your payment confirmation, the filled out registration form and waiver to our first meeting/session/lesson

And now it is time to have fun 🙂