We would like to thank the out going executive

for their hard work in the past year, Ed and Paula Stortz.

A special thank you, to Mike St. Amour for the last 20 years or more of being dedicated and making the hill grow.


We would like to welcome Boogie Mountains new executive.

Patrick Wittmann as President. Steven St. Pierre as VP. Staying on as treasurer is Marilyn Wittmann . Steven Neufeld as secretary. These people have some big shoes to fill. Boogie mountain has had many amazing volunteers in the past.  Good luck to everyone and it will be a great year.



…spent your summer at the mountain…

Summer Day Camp

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays

First Day: July 3rd

Last Day: August 30th

Hours: 10 – 4pm

(We can make arrangements to start early for parents convenience.)

Ages 7-13

Maximum of 10 kids per day

Cost $30 per day, buy online here


Trampoline, Hikes. Jumping into airbag, slip and slide, slack line, parkour, skateboarding, games, drawing, etc

…Explore your physical limits. You will be surprised…

Hutch Elite Training

Mondays, Thursdays

First Day: July 2nd

Last Day: August 30th

Hours: 4 – 6pm

Ages 12+

Maximum of 10 athletes

Cost $150 per month, buy online here


Hutch training: coaching, trampoline, airbag jumps, rails, back to balance training, parkour, skateboard…

Explore your physical limits. You will be surprised!

Private lessons one on one with coach available upon request.

Ages 7 – 70. Cost: $40/hour